Matheon Workshop 2006 in honor of the 60th birthday of Richard Brent
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Computing by the Numbers:
Algorithms, Precision, and Complexity
Thursday, July 20, am. - Friday, July 21, pm.
Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
Mohrenstraße 39, 10117 Berlin (near Gendarmenmarkt)
Program Chair
Gene Golub, Stanford

Sections and Chairs
Scientific Computing
Nick Trefethen, Oxford
Computational Number Theory
Herman J.J. te Riele, Amsterdam
Parallel Scientific Computing
Rob Bisseling, Utrecht
Fast Algorithms
Paul Zimmermann, Nancy
Local Organising Committee
Bernd Bank,
HU Berlin
Andreas Griewank,
Dietmar Hömberg,
DFG Research Center

Mathematics for key technologies
Institut für Mathematik
Math.-Nat. Fakultät II
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics

With the kind support of
The Australian National University
We have reserved rooms for the participants at the HOTEL GROSSER KURFÜRST in the center of Berlin. A single room costs 97 Euro per night and a double room 110 Euro. The price includes breakfast and free access to fitness facilities and sauna. If you wish to book a room there, please contact
Ms. Friedeck, phone: +49 030 24 600 843
giving the code HUB-MATHE 06
The booking should be completed before June 14, 2006.
Thursday, July 20
Title (click on the title to download the slides)
9.00 Gene Golub, Stanford Opening
9.30 Nick Trefethen, Oxford Session on Scientifc Computing
9.30 Michael J.D. Powell, Cambridge Updating quadratic models in optimization calculations without derivatives
10.00 Michael Overton, New York University The search for the nearest defective matrix
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Chee Yap, New York University Complexity of real computation: Brent revisited
11.30 Nick Trefethen, Oxford Computing numerically with functions instead of numbers
12.00 Gene Golub, Stanford University On solving the secular equation
12.30 Lunch break Recommended is the Hilton cafeteria round the corner
14.30 Rob Bisseling, Utrecht Session on Parallel Computing
14.30 Rob Bisseling, Utrecht Mondriaan partitioning for faster parallel integer factorisation
15.00 Fatima Abu Salem, Beirut BSP Application in Absolute Irreducibility Testing of Polynomials
15.30 Helmut Podhaisky, Halle Parallel two-step Runge-Kutta methods
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 Hong Shen, JAIST Efficient realization of hypercube algorithms on optical arrays
17.00 Shahadat Hossain On efficient data structures for sparse matrix storage
19.00 Conference dinner "Cum Laude" in the main building of HU Berlin
Friday, July 21
Title (click on the title to download the slides)
9.00 Herman J.J. te Riele, Amsterdam Session on Computational Number Theory
9.00 Bruce Litow, JCU The Berstel-Mignotte result revisited
9.30 Peter Montgomery, Amsterdam From Fibonacci and Base-12 Factors to Brent Factors
10.00 Hugh Williams, Windows Live Search Computing the regulator of a real quadratic field
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Alf van der Poorten, Macquarie Ideal multiplication in fields of low degree
11.30 Herman J.J. te Riele, Amsterdam Separation of the complex zeros of the Riemann zeta function
12.00 Lunch break Recommended is the Hilton cafeteria round the corner
14.00 Paul Zimmermann, Nancy Session on Fast Algorithms
14.00 Alin Bostan, INRIA Rocquencourt Fast computation of power series solutions of systems of differential equations
14.30 Jörg Arndt, Fürth Search for the "best" arctan relation
15.00 Allan Steel, Sydney Reduce everything to multiplication
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 Paul Zimmermann, Nancy The bit-burst algorithm
16.30 Andreas Griewank On evaluating multivariate Taylor polynomials
17.00 Richard Brent, ANU Closing
Reversible rotations, or how rho lost its tail