Structure of Local Quantum Field Theories
Prof. Dr. Dirk Kreimer
Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Mathematical Physics

My research focuses on the structure of locally interacting quantum fields in four dimensions of spacetime. A major topic is the mathematical structure of renormalization, and the arithmetic properties of the periods which appear in the computation of renormalization group functions, as well as the analytic structure of renormalized amplitudes. An enormous amount of empirical knowledge is available in physics about these questions. The hope is that connecting it to recent developments in mathematics helps both disciplines, and answers conceptual questions about quantum field theory. This includes questions on the structure of quantum gravity as a locally interacting field theory, and the special role played by N=4 supersymmetric Yang Mills theories in the realm of such theories.

Kolleg Mathematik Physik in the Berlin area.

IRIS Adlershof

Berlin Mathematical School

IMPRS Gravitation, Cosmology, QFT

Editorial work for LMP, CNTP and JNCG.

Recurrent guest visitor at IHES

École de Physique des Houches

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