David Ploog

Leibniz Universität Hannover
E-Mail: dploog [at] math.fu-berlin.de or ploog [at] math.uni-hannover.de

Articles on the Arxiv preprint server

  1. arXiv:1903.08009 Displaying the cohomology of toric line bundles (with Klaus Altmann).
  2. arXiv:1709.03618 Exceptional sequences and spherical modules for the Auslander algebra of k[x]/(xt) (with Lutz Hille).
  3. arXiv:1703.09350 Tilting chains of negative curves on rational surfaces (with Lutz Hille). Nagoya Math. J., DOI:10.1017/nmj.2017.40
  4. arXiv:1701.01331 Derived categories of resolutions of cyclic quotient singularities (with Andreas Krug and Pawel Sosna). Quarterly J. Math, DOI:10.1093/qmath/hax048/4675118
  5. arXiv:1607.08198 Rigid divisors on surfaces (with Andreas Hochenegger).
  6. arXiv:1512.01482 Discrete triangulated categories (with Nathan Broomhead and David Pauksztello). Bull. Lond. Math. Soc., DOI:10.1112/blms.12125
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  21. arXiv:math.0508625 Equivariant autoequivalences for finite group actions Adv. Math. 216 (2007), 62-74.

Other articles

  1. Groups of autoequivalences of derived categories of smooth projective varieties pdf-file
    This is my PhD thesis, handed in January 31, 2005. 70 pages. My supervisor was Daniel Huybrechts.
  2. Fourier-Mukai transforms and stable bundles on elliptic curves (with Georg Hein) pdf-file
    Beiträge Algebra Geom. 46, no. 2 (2005), 423-434.
    See also Chapter 14 in the book "Abelian Varieties, Theta Functions and the Fourier Transform" by Polishchuk; and see this and this paper by Burban and Kreussler for the case of singular curves.
  3. Every other Hodge isometry of the cohomology of a K3 surface is induced by an autoequivalence of the derived category pdf-file
    Unpublished preprint FU Berlin (2002). This material is included in my thesis.
    The same argument appeared in the paper "Autoequivalences of Derived Category of A K3 Surface and Monodromy Transformations" by Hosono, Lian, Oguiso and Yau.
  4. Comparing Coxeter functors made from exceptional and spherical objects pdf-file
    Joint work with Chris Brav. This is a preprint, feedback is welcome. The first two sections (including the statement and proof of the main theorem) are finished.
    Note 12/2012: It is very unlikely that this article will be finished.