Round Table Discussion at  the 5th ECM, Amsterdam. 
Under the auspices of EMS Committee for Developing 
Countries (EMS-CDC)
- 17 July 2008 from 10:30-12.05.

Moderators: Andreas Griewank (HU Berlin), Tsou Sheung Tsun (Oxford)

This roundtable discussion was organised as a follow up to one on 'Developing Mathematics in the Developing World' held at ICIAM07. While the previous event had a global scope, this one  focused on developing mathematics in Africa. Apart from the moderators the panel included Wandera Ogana (Kenya), Laura Pauline Fotso (Cameroon), Gareth Whitten (South Africa), Leif Abrahamsson (Uppsala University),  Mohamed Jaoua (Nice) and Bernard Philippe (Rennes). They are all actively involved in several development activities and organizations.

Each of the panelists spoke for about eight minutes, followed by a discussion among and between themselves and the audience on a wide range of topics including: Status quo of mathematics in statistical terms; Challenges with the development of advanced Centres of Excellence; Barriers: political, economical, and cultural; Whether mathematical research is an issue for a developing country;  Remedies: 'Twinning' of departments from developing countries with departments from the developed countries; Strategies to persuade African governments to support the development of mathematics in their countries. Finally, members answered questions and took suggestions from the audience. 

Report of the event appeared in the 70th Issue of the EMS Newsletter.

Wandera Ogana 

Prof. Wandera OganaAffiliation
University of Nairobi, School of Mathematics ( Professor of Applied Mathematics);
African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative (AMMSI) (Programme Director) .

Research Areas
Computational Fluid Dynamics;
Modelling in Ecology and Environment;
Promotion of Mathematics.

Pertinent Memberships
Fellow, African Academy of Sciences (AAS);
Fellow, Kenya National Academy of Sciences;
Member of the Scientific Program Committee organizing ICIAM 2011;
Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE).
Personal GoalTo promote the understanding and application of mathematics in Africa...

Laura Pauline Fotso

Dr. Laura Pauline FotsoAffiliation
University of Yaoundé I;
United Nations University Institute for Natural
Resources of Africa Operating Unit of Cameroon.

Research Areas

Multiple Objective Programming;

Combinatorial Optimisation;
Queuing Theory.

Gareth Whitten  

Prof. Gareth WhittenAffiliation
University of Cape Town, Dept. of Statistical Sciences (Honorary Researcher);
Rhodes University, Department of Mathematics (Visiting Professor);
Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA (Research Fellow).

Research Areas
Dynamical Systems;
Mathematical Biology (Modelling Diseases &

Pertinent Memberships
Society for Mathematical Biology.
Personal GoalTo build an advanced institute that promotes science and its application and bridges the divide between academia and industry.

Leif Abrahamsson 

Prof. Leif AbrahamssonAffiliation
Department of Mathematics and International Science Programme (ISP), Uppsala University

Research Areas
Several Complex Variables

Pertinent Memberships
EMS Committee for Developing Countries

Mohamed Jaoua 

Bernard Philippe 

Tsou Sheung Tsun  

Prof. Tsou TsunAffiliation
University of Oxford,Mathematical Institute;

Research Area
Mathematical physics and theoretical particle physics.

Pertinent Memberships
IMU Committee Developing Countries Strategy Group;
EMS Committee for Developing Countries;
Foreign affairs committee of London Mathematical Society;
Scientific Council of CIMPA;
Mathematical physics group, University of Oxford.

Andreas Griewank  

Prof. Andreas Griewank

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Mathematik.

Research Areas
Nonlinear Optimization;
Algorithmic/Automatic Differentiation;

Pertinent Memberships
DFG Research Center MATHEON
Mathematics for Key Technologies;
Berlin Mathematical School (BMS);
IMU Committee Developing Countries Strategy Group;
EMS Committee for Developing Countries;
Scientific Council of CIMPA.

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