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WS21/22 Ausgewählte Kapitel der Statistik und Stochastik (Statistics Seminar)

Prof. Markus Reiß



If you have any questions concerning the seminar, please contact Cassandra Milbradt (


Time and Place

  • Friday, 13:15 - 14:45
  • on-site, Johann von Neumann-Haus (Rudower Chaussee 25), room: 3.008 



The allocation of the presentation dates will be discussed on the first date (Friday, 29th October 2021, 13:15). If it is not possible for you to be there, please send me an email beforehand with the dates that suit you.


A week before the talk, speakers should send me title + abstract of their talk (per email at


Date Speaker Title
22.10.21 no seminar  

Fabian Telschow

CoPE sets: A versatile tool for simultaneous inference


Math+ Days (9:00-18:00) or

Carsten Hartmann (SFB-Colloquium, 10:15-11:45)

Goal-oriented coarse-graining of multiscale diffusions with parameter uncertainties

12.11.21 Tim Jahn A modified discrepancy principle to attain optimal rates under white noise
19.11.21 Clement Berenfeld From Graph Centrality to Data Depth
26.11.21 Enkelejda Kasneci (SFB-colloquium, 10:15-11:45) Towards Interactive AI-based Decision Support Systems

Josef Janak

Eric Ziebell

Parameter estimation for SPDEs with multiplicative noise


Equivalence for the laws of spatial restrictions to a parabolic SPDE


Bernhard Stankewitz

Early stopping for L2-boosting

17.12.21 Tim Dietrich (SFB-colloquium, 10:15-11:45) Analyzing Multi-Messenger Astronomy Data to reveal fundamental Properties of the Cosmos
07.01.22 Gregor Pasemann Diffusivity Estimation from Noisy Observations
14.01.22 Barbara Hammer (SFB-colloquium, 10:15-11:45) tba
21.01.22 Sascha Gaudlitz Estimation of the reaction term in semi-linear SPDEs under small diffusivity
28.01.22 Cassandra Milbradt tba
04.02.22 Tony Gottschalg tba
11.02.22 Laura Hucker tba

Valeriia Semyda


Maximilian Graf