Abschlussarbeiten / Theses supervised

Doktorarbeiten / Ph.D.

If you are interested in doing a PhD under my supervision, you should apply to the Berlin Mathematical School (Phase II). This generally works best if I know enough about you to enthusiastically support your application, so for that reason it's a good idea to contact me ahead of time. (In some cases there may also be funding available that you would need to apply for separately from the BMS --- if so, I will tell you.)

Masterarbeiten / M.Sci.

Prospective Master's students from outside of Humboldt University can also apply to the Master's Programme ("Phase I") of the Berlin Mathematical School.


Wer bei mir eine Bachelorarbeit schreiben möchte sollte in der Regel mindestens 3 von den folgenden 4 Vorlesungen gehört haben oder aktuell hören: Differentialgeometrie 1, Topologie 1, Topologie 2, Funktionalanalysis.

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