Topologie II, Wintersemester 2023-24

course description and syllabus

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lecture notes
The notes for this course are appended on to the end of the notes from last semester's Topologie I course, and are updated each week. The latest update is current up to the lecture on 1.12.2023 (Euler characteristic).
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  • 6.10.2023: Time-sensitive announcements for this course will generally be posted on the Moodle (see link above) so that they are also e-mailed automatically to all students. Please register for the Moodle if you are attending the course. If you do not have a HU computer account, you can still register for the HU Moodle with an external e-mail address; click on the button marked "Externen Zugang anlegen". (Sorry, that page does not appear to exist in English.)
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Problem sets

Weekly problem sets will be posted in this spot on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week, and discussed in the Übung the following week.

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