Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Research Unit 1735


The venue is located at the

Ferienzentrum und Seminarhaus
Wedenberg 2-4
23570 Lübeck-Travemünde (Brodten).


The village Brodten lies in northern Germany, close to the Baltic Sea, so that a 15 min walk will take you to the coast. (For a map please click here).


The default procedure is to arrive at Brodten on Sunday (March 13) between 17h and 18h and to leave on Friday (March 18) after the last lecture (12:30h).




By public transport:

In any case the easiest way to reach the Theodor-Schwartz-Haus is via Lübeck.

There you can hourly from 10:20h to 18:20h take the bus line 40 from Lübeck ZOB/Hauptbahnhof (Lübeck central station) in direction Scharbeutz Bahnhof. After ca. 49 minutes you exit at the station Brodten and walk to your destination (see map below). The bus ride costs 3,10€.

Note that if you would like to join the dinner on Sunday (18h to 19h), you should choose a bus of line 40 not later than 16:20h at Lübeck central station.

Another option from 10:12h to 19:12h is the also hourly running train RB 85 from Lübeck central station to Timmendorferstrand. The train ride costs 4,70€. From there on you continue with the bus line 40 in direction Lübeck ZOB/Hauptbahnhof to Brodten (the bus departs hourly from 10:33h to 17:33h and 18:31h, 19:31h). The trip will all in all take roughly 45 minutes and the bus rides costs another 2,50€.


Be it that you arrive later than 19:12h at Lübeck central station, you can take one of the following connections to Lübeck-Travemünde Strand. The ride will cost 3,10€.

Connection Departure Arrival
Bus 30 18:35h 19:18h
RB 86 (train) 19:03h 19:25h
Bus 30 19:35h 20:18h
RB 86 (train) 20:03h 20:25h
Bus 31 20:30h 21:15h
RB 86 (train) 21:03h 21:25h
Bus 30 21:04h 21:43h
Bus 31 21:30h 22:15h
RB 86 (train) 22:03h 22:25h
Bus 30 22:04h 22:43h
Bus 31 22:30h 23:15h
RB 86 (train) 23:03h 23:25h
Bus 30 23:04h 23:43h
Bus 31 23:30h 00:15h

From Lübeck-Travemünde Strand a taxi (e.g. Taxi Mahnke, phone 04502-4141; Taxi Harms, phone 04502-71213) will take you for ca. 9€ to Theodor-Schwartz-Haus in 5 to 10 minutes.


If you prefer, you can also take one of the following connections to Timmendorferstrand for 4,70€.

Connection Departure Arrival
RB 85 (train) 20:12h 20:25h
RB 85 (train) 21:12h 21:26h
RB 85 (train) 22:12h 22:25h
RB 85 (train) 23:12h 23:25h

From here on a taxi (e.g. Taxi Müller, phone 04503-5253; Taxi Berger, phone 04503-881212) will take ca. 15 minutes and cost about 20€.


If you choose to take a taxi directly from Lübeck central station to Theodor-Schwartz-Haus (e.g. Taxi 81122, phone 0451-81122; Taxi Kurzendörfer Lübeck, phone 0451-491995) it will take ca. 20 minutes and approximately cost 40€-50€.


The listed taxi companies differ depending on your point of departure. If confused the price will increase.


  • From Hamburg:
    The cheapest possibility to go to Lübeck (14,10€ Schleswig-Holstein-Tarif) is the RE 21422 starting in Hamburg central station at 15:04h, arriving at 15:48h in Lübeck central station. (If this time is inconvenient for you, this connection exists hourly with the train number RE 214XX, depending on which hour it departs).

    Slightly faster is the ICE 37 departing in Hamburg central station at 15:28h, arriving at 16:04h in Lübeck central station for 18,50€.

    For detailed information and tickets please have a look at the info-page of Deutsche Bahn (DE, EN).

    In both cases you can proceed with the bus line 40 at 16:20h to Brodten.
  • From Berlin:
    The fastest option is the EC 176 at 13:07h from Berlin central station, arriving at 14:47h in Büchen. From there on you continue at 15:09h with the RE 21822 to Lübeck central station, arriving at 15:52h. The regular price for this connection is 59€.

    An alternative is the ICE 1034 at 12:38h from Berlin central station, arriving 14:22h at Hamburg central station. Then proceeding at 15:04h with the RE 21422 and arriving 15:48h in Lübeck central station. It is the more expensive connection with a regular price of 89€.

    Please note that Deutsche Bahn often has special offers, which are dependent on the booking time. So it might be possible to pruchase tickets for both connections cheaper. For further information please check the Deutsche Bahn website (DE, EN).

    Both connections allow you to continue at 16:20h with the bus line 40 to Brodten.

  • From any other location: Please take a train to Lübeck Hauptbahnhof (Lübeck central station) and proceed as described above. Further information can be found on the webpage of Deutsche Bahn (DE, EN).


By car:

The easiest way to reach the Theodor-Schwartz-Haus by car is to 

  • drive on the A1 to Lübeck,
  • follow the A 226 heading to Travemünde until you spot the sign and
  • go left to Brodten.


If you come from the north

  • drive down Bäderstraße, passing Niendorf, until you get to Brodten.