Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - RTG1845

Qualification program


Our aim is to provide PhD students with an education that enables them to carry out research in stochastic processes at the highest international level, and to help them to develop a well rounded and confident personality. We are a certified unit of BMS.

Besides the direct and intense supervision by at least two faculty members, our qualification programme comprises:


Courses and seminars

organized by faculty members of RTG, 2 hr, 1 semester, at least bi-annually


Berliner Kolloquium Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie

talks by distinguished international visitors, alternates with the RTG seminar


RTG seminar

students talk about recent developments in their PhD projects, alternates with the Berliner Kolloquium, accompanied by a feedback session moderated by RTG postdocs in which students further develop their soft skills


Research seminars



given by international visitors, focus on topics relevant to the RTG research programme, introduce students to new developments


Student seminars, reading groups


Summer school

week-long, two courses by international experts, organized annually for students and faculty at a place outside Berlin


Visits to international partner institutions

RTG students are encouraged to spend a period of two to six months at a research institution with expertise in their research field, co-supervised by a senior international partner


Soft skills and rules of good scientific practice
  • seminars organized in cooperation with BMS
  • BMS, HU Berlin, TU Berlin, U Potsdam soft-skill training


PhD defenses