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Resonance, topological invariants of groups, moduli

We would linke to announce the conference

           Resonance, topological invariants of groups, moduli

to be held at the Humboldt University in Berlin between November 15-18.


Marian Aprodu        (Bucharest)
Laurent Bartholdi    (Saarbrücken)
Nero Budur           (Leuven)
Philippe Eyssidieux  (Grenoble)
Stefan Friedl        (Regensburg)
Louis Funar          (Grenoble)
Claudio Llosa        (Karlsruhe)
David Kielak         (Oxford)
Martin Möller        (Frankfurt)
Pierre Py            (Strasbourg)
Rahul Pandharipande  (Zürich)
Dan Petersen         (Stockholm)
Claudiu Raicu        (Notre Dame)
Frank-Olaf Schreyer  (Saarbrücken)
Alex Suciu           (Northeastern)

The aim of the conference is to bring together people in algebraic geometry, topology or geometric group theory
working on topics around resonance varieties, Alexander invariants and topological invariants of groups, geometry and topology of moduli spaces.

The talks will take place in the Adlershof campus of the Humbldt University in the East of Berlin. Further information about the conference will be posted on the website 
Everyone is most welcome. If you are interested in attending please contact either me or Desiree Dzomo-Quevedo

Best regards,

Gavril Farkas.