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Please consult the current general advice on pandemic measures by the university, by our faculty and by the Prüfungsbüro/institute for your study implications. For announcements of examinations and special circumstances, check the webpages of the examination office.

  • Sommersemester 2024: Mathematics for Machine Learning, Reinforcement learning and Mean Field Games, 4+2 course, recommend for this is Stochastics-2, recommended practical computer-lab sessions in separate parallel module  Projektpraktikum-2/Lab. (V.Nr. 33144462) (requires separate regitration). For first ideas, check the info sheet.
    For current infos check AGNES and Moodle.Ongoing info on courses tba there, moodle access to be given in first lectures: You need to register by Agnes. "Nebenhörer/visiting students" can contact me in first lecturesQuestions about organization and content are welcome but shall be discussed for all students in the first lectures, please.
  • Wintersemester 2023/24: Analysis-III* (Mono,IMP). For current info check AGNES and Moodle.
  • Advanced students are always welcome to attend research seminars of the stochastics group and I further recommend also the BMS Fridays from BMS/Math+.

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