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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Dirk Becherer

Dirk Becherer: Teaching


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Job vacancy: I am looking for student TA (studentische Hilfskraft SHK), from June 2021 onwards, with (planed) specilization in probability, incl. module Stochastics II. Inquiries welcome, just email me with a list of your study records. Job advert is posted at this link 

Current courses

Please consult the current general advice on pandemic measures by the university, by our faculty and by our institute for your study implications. Until further notice from there, no regular examinations and face-to-face teaching takes place. For announcements of examinations and special cicumstances check the webpages of the examination office.    

  • Sommersemester 2021
    Stochastic Analysis M24 
    (BMS course Stochastic Processes II, information sheet) and Mathematics for Machine Learning M39 (information sheet):  Registration by AGNES (only), online access details (Moodle) are send via Agnes* by Mon.12.April. Please use+sync your university email address. Further course information will be posted on Moodle. Questions about organization and content are welcome but will be discussed for all in the first lectures, please. Courses are in English using Moodle and Zoom. Key prequisites are the knowledge from compulsary courses (Bsc mono HU) that include Stochastics I and measure theory; Stochastics II is necessary for M24 and in parts recommended for M39.
    (*BMS students: email me by first week of Vorlesungszeit with your full student details please, using course title in the email subject)
  • Seminar on Stochastic analyis and applications... (LV Nr 3314444, cancelled for SoSe21)
  •  Links to  Moodle and AGNES.

Former courses