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Please consult the current general advice on pandemic measures by the university, by our faculty and by the Prüfungsbüro/institute for your study implications. Until suitable notice from there, no regular examinations and face-to-face teaching takes place. Winter term 21/22 should be again mostly physical teaching, we hope! For announcements of examinations and special circumstances check the webpages of the examination office.    

  • Wintersemester 2021/22
    (BSc mono, info sheet),  Advanced topics in Stochastic Analysis (M27, info sheet, new room R.1.115 for lecture+class!, class now Mo.13-15)  and the corresponding seminar Selected Topics in Stoch. Analysis & Applications (first meeting on time schedule and topics at 24.Oct.).
    See Agnes and Moodle (ongoing info on courses tba there, access will be sent via Agnes. Register by Agnes, "Nebenhörer/visiting students" please contact me in first lectures.
  • Advanced students are always welcome to attend research seminars of the stochastics group and I further recommend also the BMS Fridays from BMS/Math+.
  • Sommersemester 2021
    (moodle, taken-over from Dr.Jana Bielagk, after her temp. leave), Stochastic Analysis M24 (BMS course Stochastic Processes II, information sheet) and Mathematics for Machine Learning M39 (information sheet). Questions about organization and content are welcome and will be discussed for all students in the first lectures, please. 
  • Seminar on Stochastic analysis and applications... (LV Nr 3314444, cancelled for SoSe21)

Former courses