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Preprints 2014

Preprint 2014-01

Razvan Gurau, Vincent Rivasseau, Alessandro Sfondrini

Renormalization: an advanced overview

Preprint 2014-02

Bernd Schroers, Matthias Wilhelm

Towards non-commutative deformations of relativistic wave equations in 2+1 dimensions

Preprint 2014-03

Roswitha März

Differential-algebraic equations from a functional-analytic viewpoint: a survey

Preprint 2014-04

Nils Kanning, Tomasz Lukowski, Matthias Staudacher

A Shortcut to General Tree-level Scattering Amplitudes in N=4 SYM via Integrability.

Preprint 2014-05

R. Borsato, O. Ohlson Sax, A. Sfondrini, B. Stefanski

All-loop worldsheet S matrix for AdS(3)xS3 x T4

Preprint 2014-06

Gleb Arutyunov, Marius de Leeuw and Stijn J. van Tongeren

On the exact spectrum and mirror duality of the (AdS5  S5)_\eta superstring

Preprint 2014-07

Jan Fokken, Christoph Sieg, Matthias Wilhelm

A piece of cake: the ground-state energies in gamma_i-deformed N=4 SYM theory at leading wrapping order

Preprint 2014-08

V.N. Velizhanin

Non-planar anomalous dimension of twist-2 operators: higher moments at four loops

Preprint 2014-09

Dietmar Gallistl

Adaptive Nonconforming Finite Element Approximation of Eigenvalue Clusters

Preprint 2014-10

Stefan P. Müller

Induced Markov Chains Combined with Graph Differences for Data Compression

Preprint 2014-11

R. Borsato, O. Ohlson Sax, A. Sfondrini, B. Stefanski

The complete AdS(3)xS**3xT**4 worldsheet S-matrix

Preprint 2014-12

Gleb Arutyunov, Stijn J. van Tongeren

The AdS5 x S5 mirror model as a string

Preprint 2014-13

Vladimir Mitev, Elli Pomoni

The Exact Effective Couplings of 4D N=2 gauge theories

Preprint 2014-14

Alessandro Sfondrini

Towards integrability for AdS3/CFT2

Preprint 2014-15

C. Carstensen, D. Gallistl, M. Schedensack

L2 Best-Approximation of the Elastic Stress in the Arnold-Winter FEM

Preprint 2014-16

Livia Ferro, Tomasz Lukowski, Matthias Staudacher

N=4 Scattering Amplitudes and the Deformed Graßmannian

Preprint 2014-17

A.V. Bednyakov, A.F. Pikelner, V.N. Velizhanin

Three-loop SM beta-functions for matrix Yukawa couplings

Preprint 2014-18

Carsten Carstensen and Joscha Gedicke

Robust residual-based a posteriori Arnold-Winther mixed finite element analysis in elasticity

Preprint 2014-19

Vladimir Mitev, Elli Pomoni

Toda 3-Point Functions From Topological Strings

Preprint 2014-20

C. Carstensen, M. Schedensack

Medius Analysis and Comparison Results for First-Order Finite Element Methods in Linear Elasticity

Preprint 2014-21

T. Lloyd, O. Ohlsson Sax, A. Sfondrini, B. Stefanski

The complete worldsheet S-matrix of superstrings on AdS3 x S3 x T4 with mixed 3-form flux

Preprint 2014-22

Stefan P. Müller

Induced Markov Chains for the Encoding of Graph-based Data

Preprint 2014-23

C. Carstensen, D. Gallistl, F. Hellwig, L. Weggler

Low-Order dPG-FEM for an Ellitpic PDE

Preprint 2014-24

M. Hintermüller, C. Löbhard, and M.H. Tber

An l^1-penalty scheme for the optimal control of elliptic variational inequalities

Preprint 2014-25

M. Hintermüller, Tao Wu

Bilevel Optimization for Calibrating Point Spread Functions in Blind Deconvolution

Preprint 2014-26

M. Wilhelm

Amplitudes, Form Factors and the Dilatation Operator of N=4 SYM Theory

Preprint 2014-27

Dhritiman Nandan, Christoph Sieg, Matthias Wilhelm, and Gang Yang

Cutting through form factors and cross sections of non-protected operators in N=4 SYM.

Preprint 2014-28

C. Carstensen, B.D. Reddy, M. Schedensack

A Natural Nonconforming FEM for the Bingham Flow Problem is Quasi-Optimal

Preprint 2014-29

C. Carstensen, G. Dolzmann

Convergence of adaptive finite element methods for a nonconvex double-well minimisation problem

Preprint 2014-30

Laura Koster, Vladimir Mitev, Matthias Staudacher

A Twistorial Approach to Integrability in N=4 SYM

Preprint 2014-31

V.N. Velizhanin

Four loop anomalous dimension of the third and fourth moments of the non-singlet twist-2 operator in QCD

Preprint 2014-32

Vladimir Mitev, Elli Pomoni, Masato Taki and Futoshi Yagi

Fiber-Base Duality and Global Symmetry Enhancement

Preprint 2014-33

O. Ohlsson Sax, B. Stefanski, A. Sfondrini

Integrability and the conformal field theory of the Higgs branch

Preprint 2014-34

Jan Fokken and Matthias Wilhelm

One-Loop Partition Functions in Deformed N=4 SYM Theory

Preprint 2014-35

Mikhail Isachenkov, Vladimir Mitev, Elli Pomoni

Toda 3-Point Functions From Topological Strings II

Preprint 2014-36

Changrim Ahn und Plamen Bozhilov

A HHL 3-point correlation function in the eta-deformed AdS_5 x S_5

Preprint 2014-37

C. Marboe, V.N. Velizhanin and D. Volin

Six-loop anomalous dimension of twist-two operators in planar N=4 SYM theory.

Preprint 2014-38

Nils Kanning, Yumi Ko, Matthias Staudacher

Graßmannian Integrals as Matrix Models for Non-Compact Yangian Invariants

Preprint 2014-39

Gleb Arutyunov and Stijn van Tongeren

Double Wick rotating Green-Schwarz strings

Preprint 2014-40

V.N. Velizhanin

Generalised double-logarithmic equation in QCD

Preprint 2014-41

Roswitha März and Vu Hoang Linh

Adjoint Pairs of Differential Algebraic Equations
Preprint 2014-42

Dmitry Chicherin, Reza Doobary, Burkhard Eden, Paul Heslop, Gregory P. Korchemsky, Lionel Mason, Emery Sokatchev

Correlation functions of the chiral stress-tensor multiplet in N=4 SYM


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