Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Mathematik

Preprints 2006

Preprint 06-01

Thorsten Sickenberger, Ewa Weinmüller, Renate Winkler

Local error estimates for moderately smooth ODEs and DAEs

Preprint 06-02

Jürgen Geiser

Discretization methods with analytical solutions for a convection-diffusion-dispersion-reaction-equations and applications in 2D and 3D for waste-scenarios

Preprint 06-03

Ion Chryssoverghi, Jürgen Geiser, Jamil Al-Hawasy

Discretization Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints

Preprint 06-04

Ion Chryssoverghi, J. Coletsos, Jürgen Geiser, B. Kokkinis

Discretization-Optimization Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Relaxed Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints

Preprint 06-06

Mark Lichtner

A Spectral Gap Mapping Theorem and Smooth Invariant Center Manifolds for Semilinear Hyperbolic Systems

Preprint 06-07

Ion Chryssoverghi, J. Coletsos, Jürgen Geiser, B. Kokkinis

Discretization-Optimization Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Relaxed Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints

Preprint 06-08

Jürgen Geiser

Mixed discretization methods for the Discontinuous Galerkin method with analytical test-functions

Preprint 06-09

Herbert Kurke, Amador Martin-Pizarro, Alexander Zheglov, Igor Zhukov

Motivic integration: seminar talks

Preprint 06-10

Jürgen Geiser, Joscha Gedicke

Iterative Operator-Splitting Methods with higher order Time-Integration Methods and Applications for Parabolic Partial Differential Equations

Preprint 06-11

Jürgen Geiser, Christos Kravvaritis

Weighted Iterative Operator-Splitting Methods for stiff problems and applications

Preprint 06-12

Uwe Küchler, Stefan Tappe

Bilateral Gamma Distributions and Processes in Financial Mathematics

Preprint 06-13

Jürgen Geiser

Discretization and Solver Methods for a Model for Solid-Gas-Phase of a Crystal Growth Apparatus

Preprint 06-14

Stefan Vigerske, Ivo Nowak

Adaptive discretization of convex multistage stochastic program

Preprint 06-15

Carsten Carstensen

Convergence of adaptive FEM for a class of degenerate convex minimization problems

Preprint 06-16

Regis Blache, Jorge Estrada Sarlabous, Maria Petkova

A Geometric Interpretation of reduction in the Jacobians of $C_{ab}$ Curves

Preprint 06-17

Jürgen Geiser, Joscha Gedicke

Nonlinear Iterative Operator-Splitting Methods and Applications for Nonlinear Parabolic Partial Differential Equations

Preprint 06-18

Roland England, Susana Gómez, René Lamour

The properties of differential-algebraic equations representing optimal control problems

Preprint 06-19

Jürgen Geiser, Susanne Kilian

Additive Schwarz Domain-Decomposition method with embedded small scales for Diffusion Equation

Preprint 06-20

Søren Bartels, Carsten Carstensen

A convergent adaptive finite element method for an optimal design problem

Preprint 06-21

Carsten Carstensen, Jun HU

A unifying theory of a posteriori error control for nonconforming finite element methods

Preprint 06-22

Jürgen Geiser, Christos Kravvaritis

A Domain Decomposition method based on iterative Operator Splitting method

Preprint 06-23

Diethard Klatte, Bernd Kummer

Optimization Methods and Stability of Inclusions in Banach Spaces

Preprint 06-24

Ivo Nowak, Stefan Vigerske

LaGo - a (heuristic) Branch and Cut algorithm for nonconvex MINLPs

Preprint 06-25

Bernd Kummer

How fast is fast fictitious play?

Preprint 06-26

Jan Heerda, Bernd Kummer

Characterization of Calmness for Banach space mappings

Preprint 06-27

Markus Riedle, John A. D. Appleby, Xuerong Mao

Geometric Brownian Motion with delay: mean square characterisation

Preprint 06-28

Jürgen Geiser

Overlapping operator splitting methods and applications in stiff differential equations