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Preprints 2007

Preprint 07-01

Uwe Küchler, Michael Sørensen

Statistical inference for discrete-time from affine stochastic delay differential equations

Preprint 07-02

Carsten Carstensen, Jun HU

A posteriori error analysis for conforming MITC elements for Reissner-Mindlin plates

Preprint 07-03

René Lamour

A Projector Based Representation of the Strangeness Index Concept

Preprint 07-04

Jörg Wolf

Existence of turbulent weak solutions to the generalized Navier-Stokes equations in exterior domains and large time behaviour

Preprint 07-05

Jürgen Geiser

Discretization methods with analytical characteristic methods for advection-diffusion-reaction equations and 2d applications

Preprint 07-06

Jürgen Geiser, Volker Schlosshauer

Operator-Splitting Methods For Wave-Equations

Preprint 07-07

Thorsten Sickenberger, Ewa Weinmüller, Renate Winkler

Local, error estimates for moderately smooth problems: Part II - SDEs and SDAEs with small noise

Preprint 07-08

Jürgen Geiser, Stefan Nilsson

A Fourth Order Split Scheme for Elastic Wave Propagation

Preprint 07-09

Roswitha März, Ricardo Riaza

Linear differential-algebraic equations with properly stated leading term: B-critical points

Preprint 07-10

Jürgen Geiser, Lena Noack

Iterative Operator-Splitting Methods for Wave Equations with Stability results and Numerical Examples

Preprint 07-11

Turang Ahadi-Oskui, Stefan Vigerske, Ivo Nowak, Georgios Tsatsaronis

Optimizing the design of complex energy conversion systems by Branch and Cut

Preprint 07-12

Jürgen Geiser

Operator-Splitting Methods With Respect To Eigenvalue-Problem For Wave-Equations

Preprint 07-13

Pierre-Etienne Druet

On Existence and Regularity of Solutions for a Stationary Navier-Stokes System Coupled to an Equation for the Turbulent Kinetic Energy

Preprint 07-14

Annette B. Vogt

In memoriam Richard von Mises

Preprint 07-15

Joachim Naumann, Christian Simader

Measure and Integration on Lipschitz-Manifolds

Preprint 07-16

Jürgen Geiser

Discretization methods with analytical solutions for a convection-reaction equation with higher-order discretization

Preprint 07-17

Jürgen Geiser

Overlapping Operator-Splitting Methods with Higher-Order Splitting Methods and Applications in Stiff Differential Equations

Preprint 07-19

Jürgen Geiser

Modeling for Chemical Vapor Deposition

Preprint 07-20

Oleh Omel`chenko, Lutz Recke

Boundary Layer Solutions to Singularly Perturbed Problems via the Implicit Function Theorem

Preprint 07-21

Oleh Omel`chenko, Lutz Recke

Boundary Layer Solutions to Problems with Infinite Dimensional Singular and Regular Perturbations

Preprint 07-22

Nikolai Nefedov, Andrei Nikitin, Lutz Recke

Moving Fronts in Integro-Parabolic Reaction-Diffusion-Advection Equations

Preprint 07-23

Jürgen Geiser

Modified Jacobian Newton Iterative Method with Embedded Domain Decomposition Method