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The Spring School will take place at the "Akademie am Meer" on the island Sylt in the north of Germany. Accomodation is simple (as in a youth hostel), but the location is great, just 100 m from the sandy beach.


The default procedure is to arrive at Sylt on Sunday (March 15) in the afternoon/evening, and to leave on Friday (March 20) before or after lunch.



No matter what means of transportation you choose, it will always bring you to the main city on the island, Westerland. From there it is about 10 km to the spring school venue.

If you plan to arrive later than 23:00, then please notify us in advance!


To Westerland (Sylt)...

  • by train: take any connection to the train station "Westerland (Sylt)". You can plan your train trip with the German Railway. As already announced per email, train connections changed because of railway constructions, so please re-check your connection! On March 15, we now suggest taking one of the following three train/bus connections (Tip: for all three connections you can take the SH-fare, which is 29,50 € per single person ticket, but there is also a group ticket, "Kleingruppen-Ticket", which costs only 35,90 € for up to five persons!). Moreover, for these connections we provide a free bus shuttle from Westerland (Sylt) to the venue (details below):
    • 14:40 → 18:35: "Hamburg-Altona → Heide (Holst) → Husum → Westerland (Sylt)"
    • 16:40 → 20:35: "Hamburg-Altona → Heide (Holst) → Husum → Westerland (Sylt)" (only visible on their website if "stopover Heide (Holst)" is explicitly added)
    • 16:51 → 20:35: "Hamburg-Altona → Schleswig → Husum → Westerland (Sylt)" (note that you cannot buy any ticket inside an "RE"-train, so you need to buy one before)
  • by plane via Hamburg Airport: Hamburg Airport (HAM) is the closest international airport. From there it takes about 3:45h (now 4:30h) by train to "Westerland (Sylt)" via Hamburg-Altona.
  • by plane directly to Westerland (Sylt): Sylt has a small airport (IATA: GWT) with daily flight connections to Düsseldorf. At the airport, take a taxi (10 km) to "Klappholttal - Akademie am Meer".
  • by car: There is no road that connects the main land to the island Sylt. Instead, drive to Niebüll (Germany), leave your car there, and take the train to Westerland (Sylt). In principle you could also take your car on the train, but this is expensive and you won't need the car on the island anyway.


From Westerland (Sylt) to Klappholttal

Once you arrived at the train station Westerland (Sylt), walk to the bus central station "Westerland/ZOB", which is just beside the railways of the train station. There you have 3 options:

  • our bus shuttle: on March 15, take our free bus shuttle at 18:35 or 20:35
  • public bus (line 1): take the bus to the stop "Vogelkoje/Klappholttal", from where you have to walk about 800m to the Akademie. Click here for a bus schedule. The fare is 3.30 €, paid in cash on entering the bus. You may alternatively include this fare in your train ticket, when choosing "Vogelkoje/Klappholttal" instead of "Westerland" as the final destination of your train connection.
  • taxi: take a taxi (11 km, approx. 25€) to "Klappholttal - Akademie am Meer". Usually there are some taxis waiting, but you can also order it by phone (e.g., +49 4651-5555 or +49 4651-3399).

If you travel on your own, then go straight to the lecture hall (see the location map). There you can find us, get your room key, etc. Please contact us if you plan to arrive in the night.


location map



On March 20, we provide again two bus shuttles, leaving the venue at 12:30 (before lunch) and 13:30 (after lunch). They arrive at the train station early enough for the train connections "Westerland (Sylt) → Hamburg-Altona" at 13:22→16:21 and 14:22→17:21, respectively.