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Algebraische und Arithmetische Geometrie und Zahlentheorie

Algebraic geometry is the qualitative study of systems of polynomial equations, which are ubiquitous in science. This study is carried out via a wide range of geometric, topological and cohomological methods. Number theory, the study of the integers, is one of the oldest areas of mathematics; it has recently received enormous impetus via the Langlands program that connects number theory to representation theory, and via applications in computer science and cryptography. Arithmetic Geometry may be regarded as a modern unification of Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory.



The research and teaching at HU Berlin in these areas covers a large variety of topics including:

  • Algebraic curves and abelian varieties, algebraic groups
  • Hodge theory and transcendental properties of algebraic varieties
  • Number Theory and Representation Theory; p-adic Langlands program
  • Moduli spaces in algebraic geometry
  • Singularities, D-modules and perverse sheaves
  • Commutative algebra and syzygies


Prof. Dr. Gavril Farkas

Prof. Dr. Elmar Große-Klönne

Prof. Dr. Bruno Klingler

Prof. Dr. Jürg Kramer

Prof. Dr. Thomas Krämer