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Bachelor and master projects

If you are an HU bachelor or master student in Mathematics or Physics and you are interested to do a bachelor or master thesis, write me an email (I may not be able to accomodate all requests).

If you are a HU Physics student who would like to do a thesis with a colleague in the Institute of Mathematics, I could act as an official supervisor (to be discussed case by case).

Possible projects (not exhaustive)

Differential geometry

- Selberg trace formulas and the like

- Compactifications of the moduli space of complex curves

Algebraic geometry

- Arithmetic aspects of topological recursion

- Exploring intersection numbers on the moduli space of curves

- Deformation spaces of spectral curves and Frobenius manifolds

- Cohomological field theories and Teleman reconstruction theorem

Mathematical physics

- Enumeration of branched covers of curves (Hurwitz theory) and integrability

- Two dimensional Yang-Mills theory and string theory

- Airy structures, topological recursion and topological gravity

- Algebraic structures in low-dimensional TQFTs

- Matrix factorisations and enumerative geometry

- W-algebras and r-spin intersection numbers

Analysis and combinatorics

- Determinantal structures and vanishing properties in matrix ODEs

- Asymptotic questions in large random matrices

- Representation theory of U(N) and coupled random matrices

- Free probability and random matrices

Statistical physics

- Random tilings

- Ising model on random 2d lattices