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Recent publications (group of Prof. Dr. Gaetan Borot)

  • Symmetries of F-cohomological field theories and F-topological recursionGaëtan Borot, Alessandro Giacchetto, Giacomo Umer
  • Whittaker vectors at finite energy scale, topological recursion and Hurwitz numbers
    Gaëtan Borot, Nitin K. Chidambaram and Giacomo Umer
  • Semi-group of annuli in Liouville CFT
    Guillaume Baverez, Colin Guillarmou, Antti Kupiainen and Rémi Rhodes
  • Noise-like analytic properties of imaginary chaos
    Juhan Aru, Guillaume Baverez, Antoine Jego, Janne Junnila
  • On ELSV-type formulae and relations between Ω-integrals via deformations of spectral curves
    Gaëtan Borot, Maksim Karev and Danilo Lewanski
  • Higher equations of motions at level 2 in Liouville CFT
    Guillaume Baverez and Baojun Wu
  • Fay identities of Pfaffian type for hyperelliptic curve
    Gaëtan Borot and Thomas Buc-d'Alché
    to appear in SIGMA (2024)
  • Irreducibility of Virasoro representations in Liouville CFT
    Guillaume Baverez and Baojun Wu
  • Taking limits in topological recursion
    Gaëtan Borot, Vincent Bouchard, Nitin K. Chidambaram, Reinier Kramer and Sergey Shadrin
  • A short note on BKP for the Kontsevich matrix model with arbitrary potential
    Gaëtan Borot and Raimar Wulkenhaar
    SIGMA 20 (2024) 050
  • The Virasoro structure and scattering matrix for Liouville conformal field theory
    Guillaume Baverez, Colin Guillarmou, Antti Kupiainen, Rémi Rhodes, Vincent Vargas
  • Canonical binary Δ-matroid
    Rémi Cocou Avohou, Brigitte Servatius, Herman Servatius
  • Functional relations for higher-order free cumulants
    Gaëtan Borot, Séverin Charbonnier, Elba Garcia-Failde, Felix Leid and Sergey Shadrin
  • Generalized cohomological field theories in the higher order formalism
    Vladimir Dotsenko, Pedro Tamaroff and Sergey Shadrin
    Commun. Math. Phys. 399 (2023) 1439-1500 
  • Around the combinatorial unit ball of measured foliations on bordered surfaces
    Gaëtan Borot, Séverin Charbonnier, Vincent Delecroix, Alessandro Giacchetto and Campbell Wheeler
    Int. Math. Res. Not. (2022)
  • Topological recursion for fully simple maps from ciliated maps
    Gaëtan Borot, Séverin Charbonnier and Elba Garcia-Failde
    to appear in Comb. Th. (2024)
  • Whittaker vectors for W-algebras from topological recursion
    Gaëtan Borot, Vincent Bouchard, Nitin K. Chidambaram and Thomas Creutzig
    Sel. Math. New Ser. 30 33 (2024)
  • On the Kontsevich geometry of the combinatorial Teichmüller space
    Jørgen E. Andersen, Gaëtan Borot, Séverin Charbonnier, Alessandro Giacchetto,
    Danilo Lewanski and Campbell Wheeler
  • Higher Airy structures and topological recursion for singular spectral curves
    Gaëtan Borot, Reinier Kramer and Yannik Schüler
    Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré Comb. Phys. Interact. (2023)