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Online reading group: Stability conditions and DT invariants

Took place in Spring 2020 at MPIM

We wanted to understand stability conditions and DT theory. Starting references we used are the review of Bridgeland on DT, the lectures of Huybrechts on stability conditions, and the more advanced lectures of Kontsevich-Soibelman. We then studied the paper of Bridgeland-Smith showing that spaces of meromorphic quadratic differentials on Riemann surfaces can be identified with spaces of stability conditions of certain CY3 categories defined from triangulations of surfaces, and related constructions.

  • [1] 10th April: Category theory for geometers (Reinier Kramer). Slides
  • [2] 17th April: Introduction to Bridgeland stability (Campbell Wheeler). Slides, Video recording.
  • [3] 24th April: A gentle introduction to DT theory (Séverin Charbonnier). Slides
  • [4] 1st May: DT for quivers with potentials (Alessandro Giacchetto). Slides, Video recording.
  • [5] 7th May: Stability conditions from quadratic differentials (I) (Gaëtan Borot). Slides, Video recording. (only second half).
  • [6] 14th May: Stability conditions from quadratic differentials (II) (Campbell Wheeler), unusual time 3pm. Slides, Video recording.
  • [7] 22th May: Refined Donaldson-Thomas theory (Matt Young). Slides, Video recording.
  • [8] 29th May: Riemann-Hilbert problems from DT invariants (Gaëtan Borot), unusual time 6pm. Slides, Video recording.
  • [9] 5th June: Refined Riemann-Hilbert problems from DT invariants (Anna Barbieri), unusual time 6pm. Slides.
  • [10] 12th June: Joyce structures from stability conditions (Séverin Charbonnier), Slides, Video recording
  • [11] 26th June: The Riemann-Hilbert problem from BPS invariants of quadratic differentials through exact WKB analysis, (Elba Garcia-Failde), Slides.