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Recent previous teaching



Summer term 2020

Lecture "Analysis II" 
Exercise "Analysis II" (with J. Ginster)
Lecture and exercise "Special topics in mathematics: BV functions" (with J. Ginster)
Research seminar "Applied Analysis" (with I. Kmit)
Research seminar "Nichtlineare partielle Differentialgleichungen (Langenbach-Seminar)" (with A. Glitzky and A. Mielke)

Winter term 2019/20

Lecture and exercise "Nonlinear functional analysis and weak convergence"
Students' seminar "Applied Analysis"
Research seminar "Applied Analysis" (with I. Kmit)



Summer term 2019 (at TU Berlin)
Lecture "Analysis I für Mathematikerinnen und Mathematiker"
Lecture "Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control"
Seminar "Applied Analysis"



Winter term 2018/19 (at TU Berlin)
Lecture "Optimal Control of PDEs"
Lecture "Calculus of Variations"
Seminar "Free discontinuity problems"


Summer term 2018 (at TU Berlin)
Lecture "Functional Ananlysis I"
Lecture "Approximation Theory" 
Seminar "Calculus of Variations"