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FS Sommersemester 2006

Die Vorträge finden Dienstags in der Zeit von 09.00 - 11.00 Uhr statt.

Raum: III.007, Rudower Chaussee 25



18.04.2006 Jan Plefka (AEI Potsdam / HU Physik)
Recent developments in the AdS/CFT correspondence.
The AdS/CFT correspondence asserts the equivalence of string theory on an anti-de-Sitter background geometry with four dimensional (super) Yang-Mills theories. In this talk we shall be primarily interested in relating the spectrum of string excitations to the anomalous scaling dimensions of composite operators (emerging from two point functions) in the gauge theory. Here considerable progress has been made in the last 3 years on both sides of the correspondence. After reviewing these recent developments we shall discuss a current project of ours of computing the AdS_5xS5 string spectrum in two limits in a light-cone formalism: The plane-wave (Penrose) and the flat space (large radius) limit and systematic perturbative corrections thereof.
25.04.2006 Ivan Minchev (Sofia)
Twistor spaces of quaternionic structures.
02.05.2006 Dietrich Burde (Wien)
Novikov structures and classical r-matrices.
09.05.2006 kein Seminar
16.05.2006 Pablo Ramacher (HU Berlin)
Eisenstein-Reihen und nicht-transitive Gruppenwirkungen.
23.05.2006 Georges Habib (Nancy, France)
Eigenvalues of the basic Dirac operator on Kaehler foliations.
30.05.2006 Craig van Coevering
Toric surfaces and Sasakian-Einstein 5-manifolds.
06.06.2006 Max Pontecorvo (Rome, Italy)
Antiself-dual Hermitian metrics on surface of class VII.
We discuss a new twistor construction for anti-self-dual metrics on complex surfaces with first Betti number 1. We relate this result to the existence problem of locally conformally Kaehler metrics on compact surfaces.
13.06.2006 Sebastian Heller (HU)
Conformal fibrations of S^3.
20.06.2006 Bogdan Alexandrov (Greifswald)
The first eigenvalue of the Dirac operator on locally reducible Riemannian manifolds.
27.06.2006 Pawel Nurowski (Warschau)
Gravitational slingshot and space mission design.
04.07.2006 George Marinescu (Frankfurt /M.)
Eine neue Methode in der Berezin-Toeplitz Quantisierung.
11.07.2006 kein Seminar
18.07.2006 Roch Cassanas (München)
Semi-classical Weyl asymptotics and trace formulae with symmetry reduction.


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