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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Mathematics

Committees and Commissions

Committee on budgets

Chairman: Prof. Dr. K. Mohnke

Prof. Dr. M. Hintermüller
Dr. B. Gerlach
Dr. J. Gehne
Dr. E. Warmuth
G. Schulz


Committee for computer affairs

Chairman: Dr. J. Gehne

Dr. B. Gerlach
A. Henning
Dr. R. Lamour


Commission for student affairs

Chairman: Maximilian Lupke

Professors and staffers

Prof. Dr. A. Filler
Prof. Dr. U. Horst
Prof. Dr. C. Tischendorf
Dr. J. Mayer
Dr. L. Recke
A.-K. Dorow

Student members

C. Christiansen
M. Lupke
H. Paschke
H. Sauter
T. Ullmann
M. Weber


Audit committee

Chairman: Prof. Dr. D. Schüth

PD Dr. L. Recke (vice chairman)
Prof. Dr. M. Reiß
Dr. R. Lamour
Corvina Leipe (student representative)