Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Mathematics


Administration manager for faculty

Uta Bielfeldt
Phone: 2093-81105
Room: 2.324

Managing administration managers for faculty

MA Sebastian Scharch
Phone: 2093-81107
Room: 2.313

Budgeting / Staff

Gerlinde Schulz
Phone: 2093-81122
Room: 2.315

Consultant for student affairs

Anne-Katrin Dorow
Phone: 2093-81135
Room: House 2, first floor

Dr. Iris Newton
Phone: 2093-81130
Room: House 2, Erdgeschoss

Fire prevention officer

Andre Musch
Phone: 2093-45310
Room: 2.206

Occupational health and risk manager

Carmen Zyska
Phone: 2093-45400
Room: 1.102

Library consultant

Prof. Dr. Große-Klönne
Phone: 2093-45402
Room:  1.101