Topologie I, Sommersemester 2018

Inhaltsbeschreibung / course description and syllabus

Update: The course will be taught in English.

Ankündigungen / Announcements

  • 12.05.2018: There were small errors in the definitions of axioms T3 and T4 in Tuesday's lecture. They have been corrected in the lecture notes, but the answer to Problem 7(c) on this week's problem set may depend on these details, so correct answers conforming to either set of definitions (from the lecture or the notes) will be accepted. There were also some errors in the discussion of connected components in Friday's lecture, which have also been corrected in the lecture notes. Look out for red text in the notes where the corrections have been flagged.
  • 23.04.2018: The following minor changes take effect as of this week: (1) The Friday lectures are moving to room 1.013 (directly underneath where we met in the first week). (2) My office hour is now Thursdays 14:00-15:00 instead of Wednesdays. These details have been updated in the downloadable course information sheet at the top of this page.
previous announcements (no longer relevant)

lecture notes (updated regularly)

Übungsblätter / Problem sets

The grader for this course is Johannes Hauber; you can contact him at hauberjq at hu dash berlin dot de if you have questions about your graded homework.

Somebody miscalculated the fundamental group. (Hermannplatz, 8.06.2017)

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