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Sommersemester 2021

Vorlesung: Ausgewählte Kapitel der Mathematik (M40)

[Algebraische Gruppen / Liealgebren]

The course will be taught in English.

I intend to give an introduction to the structure theory of algebraic groups, culminating in the classification of semisimple algebraic groups over algebraically closed fields.





Übungen zur Vorlesung:

Di 09-11

RUD 25, 1.114

Do 09-11

RUD 25, 1.114

Do 13-15

RUD 25, 1.114

Seminar zur Algebra (Mono-Bachelor/Mono-Master):

Buildings and Hecke algebras


Mi 13-15

RUD 25, 3.008


Algebraische Zahlentheorie

This is a continuation of the reading course on Perfectoid Fields from the previous semester. We now turn to the theory of (phi,Gamma)-modules, and thus to the modern theory of p-adic Galois representations.



Mi 11-13 Uhr,

RUD 25, 3.007


All the above courses will start as online courses, using Moodle.

To get the respective inscription key just send me an email.