Topologie II, Wintersemester 2017-18

course description and syllabus

Ankündigungen / Announcements

  • 15.10.2017: The regular Friday lectures on October 20 and November 3 are canceled.
  • 14.10.2017: There will be no Übung in the first week of classes.

Übungsblätter / Problem sets

Problem sets will normally be handed out on Wednesdays and discussed in the Übung on the following Wednesday. They will not be collected or graded, with the exception of the take-home midterm, a two-week assignment midway through the semester.
  • Problem Set 1 (to be distributed and posted here on 18.10.2017)

Somebody miscalculated the fundamental group. (Hermannplatz, 8.06.2017)

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