Topologie II, Wintersemester 2017-18

The course is a continuation of last semester's Topologie I course and will focus on homology and cohomology. More details will be posted on this page in early October.

Note for students who did not take Topologie I last semester:
If you took Topologie I in a previous year or took a similar course somewhere else, and in particular if your previous course did not include any discussion of homology, then you should be aware that we did cover the basics of cellular and singular homology in the last few weeks last semester. This does not mean you cannot take the course, but it does mean you should do some background reading ahead of the semester: the first portion of Section 2.1 (approximately pages 97 to 126) of Hatcher should suffice. We will do a brief review of these topics in the first week of the semester, but it will be quick.

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