Topologie II, Wintersemester 2017-18

course description and syllabus

Ankündigungen / Announcements

  • 13.02.2018: The original version of Problem Set 12 had an error in Problem 3 which has been corrected in the version below.
  • 15.01.2018: Oral exams for this course will be offered on February 20, 21 and 22, and then again (for the second try) on April 9, 10 and 11. Do not forget to register for the exam at least two weeks before the date. See the math department's Prüfungsangelegenheiten page for details.
  • 17.11.2017: Starting next week, the Wednesday lectures will be in room 1.013 (the same room as the Übung), not 1.012.
  • 23.10.2017: Starting this week, the lecture and Übung on Wednesdays will be interchanged (both time and place), hence the Übung will be 11:15-12:45 in room 1.013, and the lecture 13:15-14:45 in room 1.012.
previous announcements (no longer relevant)

topics covered in the lectures (updated regularly)

Übungsblätter / Problem sets

Problem sets will normally be handed out on Wednesdays and discussed in the Übung on the following Wednesday. They will not be collected or graded, with the exception of the take-home midterm, a two-week assignment midway through the semester.

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